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How to Create and Use Twitch Clips and Videos

Whether they’re epic, hilarious or downright cringe-worthy, video clips are vital for any streamer. They encapsulate a moment of in-game glory, a chat interaction or a spirited conversation — and they can be used to boost a channel’s social media presence, promote upcoming streams and bring in new viewers. Clips can also make a great addition to a TikTok or YouTube reel, allowing broadcasters to show off their skills and highlights in a more curated way.

For those not familiar with Twitch, clips are a short video segment under 60 seconds of a live stream or VOD that can be created by anyone who watches the broadcast. When someone says “Clip that” in a live chat, they’re suggesting that a particular moment in the stream should be made into a clip and shared on the platform or other social media channels.

The best way to create a clip Twitch Clips and Videos is by pressing the ‘Clip’ button on the video player. This will open up the clip creation interface where you can adjust which part of the video you want to highlight and add a title. After you’ve done this, hit publish and your clip is ready to be viewed!

If you want to keep a clip private, you can select the “Don’t Publish” option before hitting publish. However, this does not stop other users from creating and publishing the clip, so it’s important to always check your clips before they go public!

Another important tip for clipping is to use descriptive titles. This will help the viewer understand what’s in the clip and why it’s being added to their playlist. It’s also important to include the video creator’s channel name in the title to make it easy for others to find the clip.

As a streamer, it’s always a good idea to encourage your viewers to create clips. You can do this by asking them to upload their clips in the chat or by posting a link to a clip creation tool in your broadcast. You can also make it a mandatory step to have them add your channel name in the clip title, which is a great way to boost engagement!

Having an easy way to search through all the hype moments on Twitch is a huge benefit. It will encourage viewers to rewatch your VODs and it’ll give them more incentive to create more when you ask for them in the future. Currently, the best way to view popular clips is by visiting the creator dashboard and selecting the Clips tab. Having this option directly on the streamer page will make it much easier to watch and share!