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Hitachi Maintenance – The Art and Science of Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi maintenance is an art and science of keeping your equipment running at peak performance. Our comprehensive suite of support services and parts is designed to give you the best possible return on your investment.

Predictive maintenance is a science of analyzing the way your machines work to predict when they may need repair, then scheduling the best time and place to carry out the necessary work. This will increase the reliability and life of your critical assets.

We take a holistic approach to your equipment, from the moment you bring it into service to the day it retires. This helps us keep your equipment performing at its best for the longest possible time, while also saving you money on your maintenance costs.

The best part is, it’s completely automated and delivered at the mpdr hitachi touch of a button. Our ConSite full data toolkit includes a suite of apps that provide real-time tracking, reporting and location services, as well as a slick dashboard with all the information you need to make smarter, faster decisions about your machines.

Our top of the line services include:

ConSite – The Best in e-Service Technology

The ConSite software platform is an all-in-one solution that enables you to manage your fleet’s TCO with ease. It features a suite of apps that track the most relevant machine performance metrics, including:

The most significant feature of the product is its capabilities as a predictive maintenance engine. The software’s advanced algorithms can identify the best times to perform maintenance, reducing downtime and lowering your TCO.