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How to Secure Top IT Talent

Whether they’re battling a cyberattack or trying to comply with new industry regulations, organizations need to have a plan for keeping their security teams up to date. This means more than just sending employees to training classes — it requires a comprehensive approach that ensures their skill set stays relevant.

A recent survey by Pluralsight, an online learning platform that helps companies advance their technology workforce, found that 77 percent of IT leaders report their teams are constantly seeking to stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques. This is especially true for cybersecurity talent, who often have to deal with a constant churn of threats and evolving technologies. This constant learning and upgrading can leave them feeling burnt out, especially if they’re stuck in a role that doesn’t challenge or grow their skills.

One way to keep top IT talent happy is by scrapping old recruitment practices that rely on throwing money and the promise of stability at them. It’s time to rewrite the playbook, and here are some of the most effective tips for doing so.

Offer Continuous Training
High-potential security talent is like a sponge for knowledge, always thirsty for more. These techies are happy with change and can think strategically, like a chess master. They’re also Sherlock Holmes-level problem solvers, so they’ll take on any challenges thrown at them. That’s why it’s critical to provide them with opportunities for advancement, such as a career ladder that lets them move up in the company or a mentorship program that helps them learn from more experienced team members.

Incentives like stipends for courses, certifications, and conferences are another way to attract and retain security talent. These incentives are not only a sign of commitment to the professional development of your employees, but they can also help you stand out from the competition.

Offer Flexible Work Options
Non-linear career paths are more common than ever in the world of IT, with top talent preferring new projects and challenges over a steady job with the same responsibilities. These people are called disruptors and can make a real impact on your business. To keep them on board, you’ll need to offer some degree of flexibility in the form of remote and/or part-time jobs.

Identify Crown Jewels
The most important step is to define and clearly articulate what capabilities directly affect your core business. This allows you to prioritize your security spending and capability investment and enables you to attract and retain the best talent. For example, a Latin American oil and gas company reprioritized its security funding and team development after it identified what its crown jewels were.

Having the right team of security talent is critical to success in the digital age. These top players are worth the investment, but it’s easy for them to get burnt out when they feel stagnant or bored with their work. By rewriting the playbook and offering the right incentives, you can secure top IT talent and help them thrive in the changing world of cybersecurity.