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When it comes to marketing your college, it’s essential that you work with an agency that specializes in higher education. They will have the specialized expertise, integrated services, communication and collaboration, and analytics and reporting necessary to develop effective strategies that drive traffic and increase your brand’s visibility, ultimately resulting in a greater return on investment.

A higher education marketing agency will also have a commitment to the larger higher ed ecosystem and actively engage in giving back. They should support and participate in associations focused on your segment of higher ed, as well as give back through research and thought leadership.

The most common problem higher ed marketers face is the learn more challenge of getting their marketing efforts aligned across campus departments and faculties. A splintered approach to marketing results in a less-effective effort that may even undermine the goals of the entire university.

It’s crucial that a higher education marketing agency can offer a holistic approach that addresses the student experience at every touchpoint, from website to social media. It will help you communicate your unique value and meet your enrollment and other marketing goals, ensuring that you reach more students in a more personalized way than ever before.

Helix Education is a digital marketing agency that focuses on providing data-driven, predictive models that will optimize marketing spend. Their team analyzes broad data sets and strategic insights into the student lifecycle to provide actionable intelligence and benchmark your school’s performance against industry trends.

Carnegie, located in Westford, Massachusetts, is a higher education marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, online display advertising, and other tactics. Their team focuses on helping schools build their brands and attract the best possible applicants, while also utilizing the latest technologies for conversion rate optimization.

Ally Marketing, based in Cumberland, Rhode Island, has an extensive in-house team that will customize a solution to your specific needs. Their higher education marketing agency is dedicated to delivering impactful results and has more than one-thousand strategies that have been proven to work with educational brands.

mStoner is another higher education marketing agency that is based in San Diego, California and has a history of working with colleges and universities to boost enrollment numbers and build their brand. They have a full suite of services including web strategy, content marketing, branding, user experience testing, and video production.

A higher education marketing agency will create a cohesive strategy that integrates digital, print and traditional campaigns to drive awareness, engagement, and enrollment. They use a wide range of tactics to reach potential students, including email, paid media, and social media advertising.

They will work with you to craft your messaging and develop a consistent tone throughout all your communications, whether online or in print, so that students feel they’re connecting with an authentic institution.

The right higher education marketing agency will also ensure your strategy is anchored by solid analytics and reports to track progress and provide a clear picture of the success of each campaign. This will ensure that your budget is spent wisely and helps you get the most out of each dollar.